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Record Label: Epic Records -> 09-23-1999
Recorded at One of the Following Places Listed:
Spaceward Studios, Cambridge (England); Kingsway Studios, London (England)
Battery Studios, London (England); Long Beach Arena, Los Angelos (California)
Compass Point, Nassau (Bahamas); Musicland Studios, Munich (Germany)
The Ishallen, Helsinki (Finland); The Scandinavium, Gothenburg (Sweden)
Barnyard Studios, Essex (England)

Produced by: Martin Birch, Steve Harris, Nigel Green, Will Malone and Iron Maiden
Record Label ID#: EMI EMDX 1097

Band Members:

Dennis Stratton
Paul Di'Anno
Steve Harris
Dave Murray
Clive Burr
Adrian Smith
Bruce Dickinson
Nicko McBrain
Janick Gers
Blaze Bayley

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Welcome and Thank You for visiting my "Iron Maiden MIDI Homepage". My love for heavy metal started in my college days at Scranton in the mid-80s. Since the University of Scranton was a Jesuit school, there were many preppies and Catholic school graduates who attended the university. I graduated in 1983 from Harry S Truman (baddest public school in Bucks County), I was not used to the music they liked; pop, dance,ect. I always listened to Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Yes, Van Halen and the other Rock 'N Roll music. Then bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and AC/DC hit the music world and Heavy Metal was born. I started to really enjoy this type of Rock since preppies didn't like it. I was always kind of different and this was my way to go against the norm at college. I bought my first Iron Maiden record, "The Number Of The Beast" and I was hooked. I compare them to Yes in the way the songs are written. Though Iron Maiden talks more about destruction and death whereas Yes is about futuristic nature, I felt a bond to really like the music. Iron Maiden is not like any other Heavy Metal bands since their music talks about death, witches and Satan. But that is where it ends. They are only stories handed down over the many centuries or stories from the Holy Bible. Most songs from Iron Maiden are also over 4 minutes in length and some are even as long as 15 minutes. Most of the songs are also longer than the usual pop heavy metal sounds of Motley Crew, Ratt, Quiet Riot, and Cinderella.

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